The Beginner’s Guide to the VMware NSX Distributed Firewall

The NSX Distributed Firewall is one of the truly big innovative features that VMware has brought to its customers in the past few years. It is also one of the big selling points of VMware NSX. Anytime you hear something about "micro-segmentation", that's basically VMware marketing lingo referring to the Continue Reading

The Beginner’s Guide to vRealize Automation 7’s Event Broker

There's been a ton of buzz around vRealize Automation 7's Event Broker since vRA7's release in December, with good reason. The Event Broker really takes vRA's extensibility capabilities to a whole new level. I though I would give you an overview of what the EB can do for you and the Continue Reading

The Beginner’s Guide to integration between vRealize Automation & NSX

Chances are that if you're using vRealize Automation in your organization, you're looking to automate IT tasks as much as possible. Taking advantage of that oh-so-sweet automation on your network will require some sort of SDN solution, I'm talking about NSX of course. So in this post, we'll be exploring Continue Reading

My VCIX-NV exam experience

Whenever I study for a certification exam, I often find this type of post helpful, so I hope this one will help you too. MY EXPERIENCE The VCIX-NV exam is the advanced level of certification for VMware NSX in the Network Virtualization track. If you plan on passing this exam, Continue Reading

My personal review of VMware NSX and vRealize Automation

I thought I'd start off the technical discussion here by telling you about my personal experience with VMware SDDC products, vRealize Automation and NSX. Working with these products has been quite an experience, sometimes a pain, sometimes a pleasure.   Let's start with NSX   THE GOOD Simply put : Continue Reading

Hello (IT) world!

Hello to my (very few) readers! This is my first ever blog post! This is a space where I will share my tips, tricks, experiences, challenges and more, all related to Virtualization, Cloud Orchestration & Automation, Storage, Networking and a ton of other aspects of IT in general. This site Continue Reading

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